Human Rights and Protection (HR&P) Program:
Human dignity remained a massive question in Pakistan since its inception. Basic Human Rights including Violence Against Women (VAW), Gender Based Violence (GBV), Child Abuse, Child Labour, and violation of minority rights created chaos among public. Keeping in view, KAINAAT play a leading role in providing a highly informed and objective voice on a province level in the struggle for the provision of human rights for all and democratic development in Pakistan. KDA role in highlighting human rights abuses has been recognized not only at District and Region level but also national level.
Besides monitoring human rights violations and seeking redress through public campaigns, lobbying and intervention in courts, KAINAAT organizes seminars, workshops and fact finding missions. It also established a helpline for counseling and referral services.
KAINAAT has planned on HR&P that to work for the ratification and implementation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and of other related Charters, Covenants, Protocols, Resolutions, Recommendations and internationally adopted norms by Pakistan; KAINAAT will also promote research and studies in the field of human rights and to mobilize public opinion in favor of accepted norms through all available media and forums, and other activities like holding conventions and publishing reports to further the cause.
KAINAAT cooperated with and assisted national and international groups, organizations and individuals engaged in the promotion of human rights and to participate in meetings and conferences on human rights;
KAINAAT took appropriate action to prevent violations of human rights and to provided legal aid and expertise to victims of those violations and to individuals and groups striving to protect human rights.
Glance at KDA work on HR&P
Facilitating Help Lines Respond to GBV Survivors:
KDA signed an agreement with The Asia Foundation (The Foundation) regarding the project sub-grant for Gender Equity Program in District Sukkur with sub-grant title “Facilitating Help Lines Respond to GBV Survivors” for the period of 1st November 2012 to 31st October 2013. This grant is made possible through the generous support of The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and being implemented by Aurat Foundation (AF).
Under this project, 988 women were provided information service, 111 women were provided psychological, emotional and legal counseling services and 191 women were provided referral services in every project month through Hotline Number at free of cost.
Preventive Measures on GBV Initiative Project:
KDA was awarded a project “Preventive Measures on GBV Initiatives” by the Aurat Foundation in close collaboration with The Asia Foundation under the umbrella of Gender Equity Program (GEP). This grant made possible by generous support of United State Agency for International Development (USAID). This grant is known as the Sub-Grant Cycle-4 on GBV and launched by KDA in the Six (6) districts of Upper Sindh i-e District Jacobabad, Kashmore, Shikarpur, Larkana, Qamber-Shahdadkot and Dadu to initiate a focused campaign against Gender Based Violence and to commemorate the 16 Days of activism, Pakistan Women’s Day and International Women’s Day through conducting mass gathering activities and FM Radio messages and talk shows.
Total 86 events have been conducted in which 7529 (Male 6070 female 1459) and 192 Media coverage achieved in 25 Tahsils & 6 Districts including Press conferences. In these events the focus was multi stakeholders including women, youth, Media representative, Police, Revenue and other Government Officers, Lawyers, Doctors, Teachers, social Activists, Trade Unions and all other concerned with the civil societies.
FM Radio Messages and Talk Shows in all six districts were On-Aired which delivered a big message to the communities at grass root level.
IEC Material was also published in which 5000 Posters, 40 Penaflex Wall Hanging and 25 Penaflex Standees were developed for wide message of GBV Campaign.

Legal Empowerment Project:

KDA was awarded a project namely “Legal Empowerment Project” from Access to Justice Development Fund (AJDF), by Law & Justice Commission of Pakistan (LJCP), Supreme Court Building Islamabad, from Feb: 2011 to Jan: 2012, with the purpose of facilitating the poor and needy people of district Kashmore @ Kandhkot in their basic needs, eradicating all sorts of civil, social and economical discriminations and injustices and putting an end to violence against women such as Honour killings, Forced and Under-Marriages and Legal Literacy / Awareness Campaign. In this regard the KDA implemented proposed activities at grass root level, constituted a legal advisory committee to identify or determine legal needs of the vulnerable, established a focal point for legal judicial support and counseling, conducted legal rights awareness campaign, provided Socio-Economic Help to the survivors and Educational and Vocational Support to needy and poor students and youths respectively under the kind support of LJCP.

Re-establishment of Home Based Economic Recovery for Women:

KDA) signed an agreement with The Asia Foundation (The Foundation) regarding the project sub-grant for Gender Equity Program in District Kashmore with sub-grant title “Re-establishment of Home Based Economic Recovery for women” for the period of 1st February 2011 to 30th November 2011. This grant is made possible through the generous support of The United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Under this project, eight clusters / villages have been taken to intervene out of which six are focused with Rilli / Cut work including five having local popular brand (Bhayan Ji Rilli) whereas rest two are focused with embroidery work i. e Kundi work, Hurmicho and Sheesha work. 160 women of flood affected UCs will participate in the project directly and will get immediate support from these project activities. They will be encouraged to take part in the various activities of the project to support all women of flood affected UCs of 3 Talukas of District Kashmore @ Kandhkot (Tangwani, Kandhkot and Kashmore).
Gender Based Violence-Reproductive Health Project:
KDA signed MoU with World Population Foundation (WPF) under the Capacity Building of Pakistan CSOs on GBV-RH project in January 2009. This project was focused upon to improve knowledge and skills selected NGOs and CBOs in development and implementation of projects on issue related to Gender Based Violence and ensuring sustainability of the programming on GBV issues by its integration in strategy papers of selected NGOs. Through this project Capacity Building Workshops, Awareness sessions and Advocacy Seminars were conducted on GBV-RH.
District Lead Ally /Partner in “WE CAN CAMPAIGN”. We Can End All Kinds of Violence Against Women is global recognized campaign launched in 2006 in Pakistan. KDA took part in the campaign as a District Lead Ally. Through this initiative a series of activities, including Seminars, Community Meetings, Rallies, Public Gatherings, capacity building sessions, workshops, trainings, sport events, speech competitions, quiz programs, theaters, networking, alliance building have been conducted and 12000 Change Makers aligned with the campaign.
A project titled “Strengthening of CBOs on the issue of VAW” was launched in District Kashmore and Jacobabad in collaboration with The Researcher Islamabad, funded by AusAid in 2004. Through this project 200 CBOs/ VOs and Community Groups were provided capacity building training and sensitization sessions were held at District levels.