The below mentioned Projects / Activities have been carried out by the KDA, these are the on-going and completed projects of the last 5 years
1 Youth Skill Development Program Skill Development 1st March 2014 to Continue BBSYDP-GoS 1,905,500 District Kashmore 190 youths were trained and 100 youths are under training in Youth Development Program
2 Social Accountability Initiatives For Social Service Delivery Transperancy & Accountabilty 28th Dec
To 30th January 2014
TDEA-USAID (CVP) 10,115,197 District Jacobabad, Kashmore, Shikarpur, Qamber-Shahdadkot & Larkana. 26 Groups were Formed. 168 TLC & DSC Members, 157 CSOs and Media Persons  & 75 Govt officials were capacity build on 19-A, RTI, FOIO 2002. 5000 citizens’ made aware about the article 19-A, RTI and FOIO 2002 and  20 complaint booth in Education, Health, TMA and Anticorruption offices  
3 Facilitating Help Lines Respond to GBV Survivors GBV 5th November 2012 to 30th October 2013 AF-USAID (GEP) 3,134,000 Distirct Sukkur 988 women have been provided information . 111 females have been provided counseling service and 191 cases were referred to the various service delivery points in which legal side health side, police side and psychiatrist doctor were frequent
4 Preventive Measures on GBV Initiative Project GBV January to May 2012 AF-USAID (GEP) 3,187,000 District Jacobabad, Kashmore, Shikarpur, Qamber-Shahdadkot, Larkana & Dadu More than 5 thousand stakeholders moblized and advocated on GBV in all 6 targeted districts
5 Field Support to DTCE Field Operations Kashmore Community Development Oct: 2011 to Mar 2012 DTCE, Islamabad 4,655,000 District Kashmore 38 CCBs representatives were trained and 20 UCs Assemblies conducted.
6 Integrated Education Learning Program  (New Girls Primary Schools) Education August 2010 to June 2015  SEF-GoS (World Bank) 21,000,000 District Kashmore 8 New Girls Primary Schools have been opened in which 1134 Girls of remmote areas are being imparted with quality education at free of cost.
7 Re-establishment of Home Based Economic Recovery for Women Liverlihood Feb: 2011 to Nov: 2011 AF-USAID (GEP) 1,980,000 District Kashmore 160 women of flood affected area have been supported for Re-establishment of their home based business.
8 WE CAN Campaign GBV Feb: 2007 to Cont: OXFAM-GB 2,185,000 District Kashmore 10000 change makers have been sensitized and 200 connectors have been trained
9 Gender Based Violence-Reproductive Health  GBV-RH Oct: 2009 to Cont: WPF - World Bank project 764,000 District Kashmore 10 CBOs were trained on GBV-RH and 1000 masses sensitized.
10 Independent Polio Monitoring  Health  Dec: 2007 to Cont: UNICEF-WHO 2,088,000 District Kashmore More than 60 rounds of polio has been monitored by KDA in all 37 ucs of District Kashmore 
11 Legal Empowerment Protection Feb: 2011 to Jan: 2012 Law & Justice Commission Of Pakistan 1,050,000 District Kashmore 42 cases provided legal aid, 20 women provided socio-economic help, 20 students provided educationa-vocational support.
12 Flood Emergncy Relief Project  Emergency August & Sept: 2010 SEEWA-Pak 2,200,000 District Kashmore 1000 Families were supported in kind of Ration
13 Flood Emergncy Relief Project  Emergency August & Sept: 2011 SEEWA-Pak 2,800,000 District Kashmore 1000 Families were supported in kind of NFIs
14 Flood Emergncy Relief Project  Emergency August & Sept: 2012 FGA-PMU Sweden 1,400,000 District Kashmore 500 Families were supported in kind of Kitchen NFIs
15 Flood Emergncy Relief Project  Emergency August & Sept: 2013 FGA-PMU Sweden 1,400,000 District Kashmore 500 Families were supported in kind of NFIs (Warm Clothes)
16 Medical Camps Health Sept: 2010 to Mar: 2011 NATPOW (UNFPA) 350,000 District Kashmore 300 medical camps conducted in flood affected area in which 45 thousand women & children were treated and medicines provided.
17 Strengthening of CBOs on the issue of VAW. Capacity Building 2004 TR- Aus AID 200,000 District Kashmore & Jacobabad 100 CBOs / Vos have been trained on VAW
18 Provide legal support to victimized women Protection 2011 SAWFCO- UNICEF 50,000 District Kashmore Legal Aid has been provided to a number of women
19 Health and Hygienic Education (Activity based) WASH 2011 UNICEF 20,000 District Kashmore 200 hundred women were given health & Hygience Session
20 Arsenic Water Sampling Survey EPA-GoS WASH 2008 EPA-GoS 75,000 District Kashmore 800 questionair were filled and arsenic cases were highlighted.
21 Capacity building of Artisans on “Jandi” work  Liverlihood 2008-2009 AHAN Karachi 500,000 District Kashmore 80 Atrisans were provided trainings and 100 new items were developed