Humanitarian Response Program [HRP]
In 63 years, Pakistan never experienced such ferocious floods as it saw during this August 2010. The impact on the life, property and livestock has been devastating. The damages caused have put the country to a state that may take tens of years to recoup. Sindh is highly affected province. Districts, cities and villages have been swept away. Standing crops, animal farms those are major source of income in rural families and infrastructures have also been damaged badly. The damages incurred on non-farm livelihood, environment, social cohesion, governance and community based infrastructure, loss of life, destruction of roads, telecommunications, bridges, civic facilities, water and sanitation, administrative infrastructure, houses, markets, shops, land and standing crops. Thousands of people are seeking refuge in tents and emergency camps. The Government of Pakistan has termed the scale of the disaster worse than Haiti's earthquake in January, the 2004 tsunami, and the 2005 Pakistan earthquake.By joining hands to government and non-governmental local, national and international organizations, following activities remained part of KDA:
  • Women Empowerment through Income Generation Opportunities-USAID

KDA signed an agreement with The Asia Foundation (the Foundation) regarding the project sub-grant for Gender Equity Program in District Kashmore with sub-grant title “Re-establishment of Home Based Economic Recovery for women” for the period of 1st February 2011 to 30th November 2011. This grant is made possible through the generous support of The United States Agency for International Development (USAID).
Under this project, eight clusters have been taken to intervene out of which six are focused with Rilli / Cut work including five having local popular brand (Bhayan Ji Rilli) whereas rest two are focused with embroidery work i. e Kundi work, Hurmicho and Sheesha work. 160 women of flood affected UCs participated in the project directly and got immediate support from these project activities. They were encouraged to take part in the various activities of the project to support all women of flood affected UCs of 3 Talukas of District Kashmore @ Kandhkot (Tangwani, Kandhkot and Kashmore).

The Below chart shows cluster names, craft and Number of beneficiaries
S. N Cluster Name Skill / Craft Beneficiary
1 Abdul Haleem Sundrani Embroidery work 20
2 Raees Ghulam Qadir Shaikh Embroidery work 20
3 Jam Nindo Rilli Cut work 20
4 Kadoo Bhayo Rilli Cut work 20
5 Qiyas Bhayo Rilli Cut work 20
6 Gahno Khan Bhayo Rilli Cut work 20
7 Ali M. Bhayo Rilli Cut work 20
8 Peer Bux Mirani Rilli Cut work 20
Total 160

Medical Camps-NATPOW-UNFPA

KDA with support of National Trust for Population Welfare (NATPOW) and UNFAP has arranged Medical Camps for flood affected communities of District Kashmore, in this regard, 300 camps in whole district has been arranged and 45 thousands women and children were treated and provided medicins at free of cost.

Distribution of Temporary Shelter among Rain Affected Communities
KDA with support of International Organization for Migrants (IoM) has distributed Temporary Shelters to the rain affected comminties of Taluka Kandhkot, in which 3000 famlies of UC Doulatpur were benefited.

Provison of Safe Drinking Water Project in flood affected areas of District Kashmore

Safe drining water project has been initiated by KDA soon after super flood in August 2010, in this regard, a series of activities especially Installation of Hand Pumps and provision of safe drinking water were carried out for flood affected communities, in different locations focusing camps and road / bund side areas. To cater with safe drinking issue the KDA has sought support from local philithropists, EHD Foundation, DTCE and different partners.

Medical Camps at flood affected areas of District Kashmore in collaboration with PMU-Sweden.

living in camps, at open spaces, at unpleasant places the flood affected communities especially women and children sufered a lot by facing different deseases, KDA being local organization has  noticed a serious breakdown of vitial desease, therfore, KDA with support of local doctors and parter organization like FGA arranged a series of medical camps at different locations.

Flood Emergncy Relief Project in collaboration with SEEWA-Pak.

1000 famlies of flood affected areas of UC Haibat  Malheer were supported with Ration bearing 20kg wheat flour, 20kg Rice, 10kg cooking oil, 5kg sugar, 2kg Dal, 1kg Tea-begs and One set of Kitchen NFIs soon after flood in August 2010, with support of SEEWA-Pak.

Flood Emergncy Relief Project in collaboration with FGA-PMU Sweden

1000 famlies of flood affectees were also supported with NFIs bearing Kitchen NFIs, Helath and Hygiene Kit, with support of FGA-PMU Sweden.

Legal Aid Project for Flood Affected communities

A Legal Aid point was established at Kandhkot, to support the Flood Affected Communities regarding their Missing Documents, Watan Card and Pakistan Card, CNIC issues, Protection issue and other relvant matters of flood affected communities were solved.